Conference Venue

Okayama University, Japan

Address: 1 Chome-1-1 Tsushimanaka, Kita Ward, Okayama, Japan


Okayama University was originally founded as the Medical Training Place (医学館, Igakkan) in 1870 by Okayama-Han. After the abolition of the han system, it became the Okayama Prefectural Medical School (岡山県医学校) in 1880. In 1888 it was merged into a national school, the Third Higher Middle School (第三高等中学校, Daisan kōtō chūgakkō)[2] to constitute the Medical Faculty. The Medical Faculty became an independent school in 1901 and was renamed Okayama Medical Speciality School (岡山医学専門学校, Okayama igaku semmon gakkō),[3] a four-year medical school for men ages 17–21 or above. In 1922, the school was chartered as Okayama Medical College (岡山医科大学, Okayama ika daigaku), a four-year medical college for men ages 19–23 or above.
In 1949, after World War II, the college was merged with other national and public colleges in Okayama Prefecture to establish Okayama University, under Japan's new education system. The predecessors of the university were Okayama Medical College, the Sixth Higher School (第六高等学校, Dairoku kōtō gakkō, established in 1900), Okayama Normal School (岡山師範学校, Okayama shihan gakkō, founded in 1874), Okayama Youth's Normal School (岡山青年師範学校, Okayama seinen shihan gakkō, founded in 1922) and Okayama (Prefectural) Agricultural College (岡山農業専門学校, Okayama nōgyō semmon gakkō, established in 1946).
The new campus (Tsushima Campus) was the former camp of the Imperial Japanese Army (the 17th Division). After occupation army left the camp in 1947, the students of the Sixth Higher School (whose buildings were burnt in the war) guarded the camp, residing in the former military barracks. Later, the camp became their campus. The faculties of Okayama University, except the Medical School, were gradually relocated to Tsushima Campus.